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Frisur clothing for women online

Frisur clothing for women online
Min: €0 Max: €200

Frisur Zaga short

wrapped shorts made from a Portuguese easy care coolwool, the fabric pleated wrap-over on the front and the short has two sidepockets. The short has a matching belt with quality silver buckles.

€149,00 €104,30

Frisur Charlotte sweater

This sweater from Frisur has a cropped length, V-neck and has an oversized fit. It's the perfect sweater for on a high waist pants or skirt.

€99,00 €69,30

Frisur Antonia top

The sleeveless Antonia top is 100% cotton and has a high neckline. This top is at the back open by a split and has a A-line fit. Really cool on a high waist trouser.

€89,00 €62,30

Frisur Dora jumpsuit coolwool

The Dora jumpsuit is one of our favorites. It is an easy suit to combine with sandals, sneakers or a pair of high heels. The jumpsuit has a belt, side pockets and closes at the back with a blind zipper.

€199,00 €139,30

Frisur Bea dress woven lavender

The Frisur Bea dress is the modern version of the trendy slip dress. The dress has side pockets and is asymmetrical.

€99,00 €69,30

Frisur Bea dress striped red

The Frisur Bea dress is the modern version of the trendy slip dress. The dress has a light stripe, side pockets and is asymmetrical with an A-line fit.

€129,00 €90,30

Frisur Carene dress grey

The Frisur Carene dress is asymmetrical, gray and has a light check 'prins of wales' pattern. At the front you can knot the blouse, creating folds.

€139,00 €97,30

Frisur Celia shirt striped red

How cool is this Frisur Celia shirt? You can knot the shirt at the front so that the fabric folds appear on one side. The Frisur shirt is made of 100% cotton, has a little oversized fit and has a fine stripe.

€159,00 €111,30

Frisur Judith Jumpsuit

€199,00 €139,30

Frisur Shila shirt

€130,00 €91,00
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